Amplified Volume

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5x Behringer 212A/400-Watt Powered Speakers 
Eurolive F1320D/300-Watt Personal Monitor Speaker

Kustom PA112/200-Watt Powered Sub Speaker
Behringer K3000FX/300-Watt Multi-Purpose Speaker
2x Kustom PA50/50-Watt Personal Stereo Speakers 

2x Speaker Stands
1x Peavey PV14 14 Channel Mixer with USB Output
1x Soundcraft Ui12 10 Channel Wireless Mixer
1x Tapco Mix 220FX 8 Channel Mixer
50' Musicians Gear Stage Snake 12x4

Plenty of Vocal and Instrument Microphones – Examples: Audix OM2, Sure SM57, Sure SM58, Etc.
7 Piece Samson Drum Mic Kit
Plenty of Microphone Stands
DI Boxes and Splitters
Zoom HD16 Digital 16 Track Recorder
Professional Audio-Technica Headphones
Apple and PC Laptop(s) with Recording and DJ Software Applications
Chauvet LED Par 38 Stage Lighting System
Venue Ultra-Fogger
LED Disco Ball
Laledite Laser 22

Amplified Volume offers a great low-priced option for people who want to have good sound at their event, but don't want to spend a half-grand or more to do it. There is a difference between what Amplified Volume offers and what more costly services can provide. The document below is intended to help potential clients realize what they are getting when the use Amplified Volume's technicians and their related live sound system.

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